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Consume, Synthesize & Create

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If all we do is consume, then we have no way to contribute. Knowledge is important, but unless you use that knowledge to better the world you are wasting it. It is up to us, as leaders, to create a culture where people can bring forward new ideas and new connections from the knowledge that they have. It is up to the leaders to create an environment where our people can create change for the better. Consume but then synthesize and create with the knowledge that you have gained in…read more

Because of camp…the staff experience

Posted by in camping, future of camping, staff training

At the end of this past summer at Pearce Williams I asked our staff to finish the following sentence: “Because of camp I…” It was very interesting to see our staff’s responses to this simple statement. Here are some of the Because Of Camp answers from Pearce Williams Staff: Because of camp I am able to be 100% me. Because of camp I have learned to appreciate the small things more than ever before. Because of camp I have been inspired to appreciate each moment individually and each person differently….read more

Why worry what other people will think?

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There are times that I don’t do things. There are many times when I don’t do things. I think I’m lazy. I think that I could make better use of my time. I think that I will be judged by others. Earlier this month I made the choice to try and watch very little to no television during the month of September. So far – over 21 days I have watched television two times, pretty good. I have read more, got more projects done, planned things, worked out more. I…read more

So last night we called 911. Our camp called 911.

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So last night we called 911. Our camp called 911. And our staff rocked it. Everything that I hoped our staff would do, they did. Camper/Volunteer fell, we called 911. Everyone is safe and back at camp after a visit to the hospital. We train our staff each summer for so many things – how to deal with kids, how to talk to parents, how to respond in emergencies, how to lead archery, how to give kids the most amazing summer of their life. We train them, then we set…read more

How do I affect change?

Posted by in camping, future of camping

In my life, my work, my family, my goals and my mind? How do I affect change that will be meaningful, long lasting and help to make that world a better place? I started my 10th year at Pearce Williams today. What does the future hold for me? As change is happening at camp – the new barn, Hume’s Hall, World Camp, Farm Camp – my mind is always wondering what it next and how can we continue to stay at the front of the change. This year at camp…read more