Cool Board Games With Joe – Buckeye Leadership Workshop 2016

At the Buckeye Leadership Workshop 2016 I led a session called Cool Board Games with Joe.

Games on Shelf

We played a bunch of games.  I choose games that might be new to people and can be entertaining for all ages and all abilities.

Here is a list of some of the games we played (all links to Board Game Geek pages):

  1. Dice Game – Tenzi
  2. Dice Game – Farkel & Spicy Farkel
  3. Card Game – Love Letter
  4. Card Game – Sky Tango
  5. Card Game – Bonanza – (Beans)
  6. Card Game – Bang (comes in dice version too)
  7. Card Game – Pit
  8. Card Game – Fluxx
  9. Card Game – Hanabi
  10. Board Game – Settlers of Catan
  11. Board Game – Turso – The Game of Path
  12. Board Game – Ticket to Ride
  13. Board Game – Wits & Wagers
  14. Board Game – Istanbul
  15. Board Game – King of Toyko
  16. Deck Building Game – Dominion
  17. Crokinole

The links will take you to game descriptions.  You can also view the top rated games by clicking here.

To set up a games night you can google – how to run a games night.

Board games are fun and many are easy to teach.  If you have any questions, just leave a comment.

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