A guide to show them the way…

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I am just getting ready to speak to the 4-H Ontario Conference. Working through the slides, the words and the stories reminds me of how my brain works. My brain goes everywhere. When I am preparing to do a keynote of this nature, the words I write down are really a guide to show me the way, not the only things I will say, but potential things I will say. I hope that we give our campers and staff a guide to show them the way. We can’t tell them…read more

It all starts at the top.

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Can you help me?

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The thing I want most in life is to be a camp counsellor. I need your help. I need you to help shape and form me – help me understand what the campers need and how I can give it to them. Help me understand that I will make mistakes, and that I will also learn from those mistakes. Help me grow up and understand that I’m not a camper, but to remember what it was like to be a camper so I can use those memories to become the…read more

What are you doing to make sure your camp is going to be here for years to come?

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If we always do what we always did, we will always get what we always got. Summer Camps need to change and adapt. As demographics change, the concept of “summer camp” is being left behind. More and more camps recognize that we are not getting new populations coming to camp. This is the biggest challenge facing the camping industry. Change is hard and difficult. If we do not somehow reach new clients and form new partnerships, the concept of “summer camp” may become a thing of the past – a…read more

To all the staff members that I have fired – I wish you well.

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There is no part of me that wants to see a youth get fired from summer camp. As a camp director I want to see you grow, learn and succeed. I want to see the passion light up in your eyes. I want to see you change the life of a child. I want to see you leave camp a better person that when you arrived. I want to see you be amazing. I have always said that by the time you are sitting across from the camp director you…read more