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Three summers ago our staff did an end of summer staff trip to the Howell Outdoor Center's Global Village in Michigan.

This trip was to help give our staff an experience that they can learn from and gain something more than just going to Wonderland for the day.  The trip was a real eye opening experience – we toured the various buildings –  Mozambique Hut, a Thailand stilt hut, a Peruvian house, an Shanty Hut and an American Rural South house.  We then had the opportunity to split into different groups and we spent the afternoon/evening living in one of the buildings and being given only the supplies that people in that country in poverty would have.

It was an amazing experience – some of the quotes from staff:

"It is a good thing that I knew you, if I didn't – I would certainly steal from you to feed my family."

"This is a program that we need to bring to Canada."

"I didn't know that people could live like this…"

Our staff came back with new perspectives on life and their place in making change.

Help us give this experience to other Canadian's.  Vote for us and pass it on to your friends – get them to vote too.
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