Today – Late or not at all…

I may or may not be in the office today.

2008 07 1 (27)I will be doing some work from home – maybe.

Not feeling it today.

Let’s admit it – as much as I love what I do, there are days that I too just want to sit and do nothing – or do something completely different. I’m not sure if it is depression or if it is just my need for quiet and solitude.

Vacation days. Mental Health days. Get away from the drama days.

It is important to have days to yourself, where you can do what needs to be done to get your mind rested. To get your mind back to normal. To get your mind around some of those big issues that are weighing it down.

You can love your job, the people you work with, the family you have.

You can love life and maybe, just maybe, the days you take to yourself bring forward the ability to love life and love yourself.

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