Workshop – Getting Stuff Done


Life is a busy place. Work is busy. School is busy. Camp is busy. So much to do – so little time. Learn a few basic steps which can help you become a more productive person – at home, at school, at camp – get stuff done. This session will help all people feel like they can get control of their life and get their mind clear to become more productive and creative.

Presented at:
Buckeye Leadership Workshop 2014 – 8 hour session (2 hours each day for 4 days)

Online Resources:
Getting Things Done by David Allen – the original…
Joe’s Productivity Board on Pinterest
Getting Results the Agile Way – book’s author’s wiki page – whole book there and how to’s
Bullet Journal Explained
The Dash/Plus system for note taking – I mix this with Bullet Journal
Asian Efficiency – Time Management and Productivity Blog – worth following and reading.
Hipster PDA – the original, get back to basic, paper version of a to-do list…
I’ve been using evernote all wrong article is here.

This is the mindmap of the GTD system. This also shows what a mindmap would look like. Mind map picture of GTD
This is a video of the basics of how to mind map.
Alignment Exercise Page is here.
Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants article

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